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Security company products are available in Australia so why not reach out with branded merchandise which is ideal for new business generation in that industry. For many years we have supplied the top security companies in Brisbane, Gold Coast and across Australia with a range of products including novelty items, clothing and baseball caps. Customised shirts and coats are always popular with Australian security guards along with cups and mugs for static security personnel that are assigned to overnight shifts. Kit bags are often used on security jobs as security guards usually require uniforms to be worn onsite and equipment also needs to be stored for use when needed. Choose practical gifts and you can’t go wrong.

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Custom first aid kits are not only practical but very useful and your brand will be associated with helping people and possibly saving lives. If you want more exposure on a regular basis then torches and key chains will provide that for sure. Security guards always carry keys and if the torch is small enough then it can also be fitted to the key chain.
Novelty security guard key chains are available with many options including plastic houses, guns, time pieces and maps etc.

Many security companies require branded clothing and uniforms for their security personnel including:

  • Shirts
  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Ties


Residential Or Commercial Security Company

Whether the security jobs are residential or commercial the security companies will always need branding so catering for, and promoting to this industry is worthwhile. Event security for corporate functions and parties may require more formal merchandise but site security guards for construction sites and other commercial premises may require promotional items that are made for endurance.

Think outside the box and buy products that are suitable for the type of work that security companies target. For example, novelty weapons would not be suitable for school security guards but torches would be. Security guards that that work in the education sector will be pleased to receive items that students can related to as they can help start conversations that lead to relationship and trust building between security officers, pupils and staff.

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