Promotional Merchandise Melbourne

Promotional Products Melbourne

Businesses have been using all types of promotional products to help spread their reach for years, to the point that some items have become boring and predictable, meaning potential customers are likely to ignore the items altogether. The year 2017 is fast approaching and mass produced promotional pens and other branded merchandise such as mouse pads and plain old caps tend to get completely overlooked. Simply put, when an item used to promote a business has been saturating the market for years, it tends to lose the wow factor. Fortunately, we live in an age where nearly any item can don a custom printed logo, and choosing a more unique and creative item can help a business stand out to a customer.

Merchandise is available for every industry you can imagine from security services, catering companies, education, government, banking and finance, entertainment, trade, media and marketing etc.

Food printing is a unique service that’s a bit more exciting than the standard, traditional items. Candy, both generic and brand name, is an item that kids and adults crave. Everything from suckers to brand name chocolate can be wrapped, covered or boxed with a logo that houses an item that most people, young and old, would enjoy. Likewise, if an event is taking place at anything that involves physical activity, custom labelled bottled water can serve as a popular item that will be carried around the entire event. A bag of peanuts that have a printed logo on the wrapper would be a hit at any outdoor sporting event.

There are also a number of toys for all ages that can help spread a brand in a fun, and sometimes flashy, manner. Kites and toy footballs can send logos soaring through the clouds, and branded, flashing buttons and glasses, custom bent into any design, create an attention grabbing way of promoting to anyone nearby. Balloons are an easy way to erect a mobile billboard, and playing cards can advertise through multiple games with a variety of players.

For the adult crowd, stubby holders are the fun drink holders that are sure to make the rounds at any concert or festival. Shot glasses are highly used at all sorts of high-profile events, and a pub glass can look extremely classy. All of these products are carried around and can help spread a printed message throughout large crowds of people. There’s also more refined novelty products, perfect for adult customers that don’t have much interest in a party atmosphere. Bingo markers are useful for promoting in crowded Bingo halls, and mini bubble gum machines can sit for years on the desks of high profile clients, advertising a brand to every colleague that steps through their door.

If at all possible, promotional products and gifts should stray far from the worn out concepts that have been used for years. Instead, by focusing on something a little more unique, any business can make memorable merchandise that will spark the interest of any potential customer.